Hy White – the 5th Beatle (not quite)

Hy White is another of those great players from the late 30s through 50s who should be much better known to today's jazz aficionados. He played with the Woody Herman Orchestra (with whom he recorded River Bed Blues - see below), recorded with Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster, pop singers Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Frank… Continue reading Hy White – the 5th Beatle (not quite)

Album Review: Jonathan Stout – “Pick It And Play”

The quality of recordings of music for the 1930s-era acoustic archtop guitar has taken a sudden leap forward with the appearance of Jonathan Stout's "Pick It And Play." Not only is this a beautifully played album by one of the few leaders in the field, but it is also beautifully recorded too. That quality is… Continue reading Album Review: Jonathan Stout – “Pick It And Play”

Roy Smeck – Wizard Of The Strings

https://youtu.be/JoQa4RfIg3g Roy Smeck (1900-94) was one of the great vaudeville artists, a master of many instruments, especially ukulele, banjo and both standard and Hawaiian-steel guitar. I was given the following hard-to-find 1928 publication, "Blues For Plectrum Guitar", by someone who studied with Roy. It contains four items, and I present the first two, which I… Continue reading Roy Smeck – Wizard Of The Strings

Stahl’s Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar

Wm. C. Stahl's Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar [1931] Stahl 1931 Plectrum Guitar - pdf of the whole book. Although the publisher's name appears on the front, the entire contents are by one Tony Nivello, which I suspect is a pseudonym. The contents - fourteen solos - are tuneful, pop pieces from 1930/31, which often sound… Continue reading Stahl’s Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar