Christian Vasseur – 12 Etudes

Christian wrote his 12 Etudes for the Guitar when he was suffering from right-hand fingerstyle technique problems. He adopted the plectrum, and wrote these studies to help develop his technique and control. They are wonderful plectrum guitar studies! For the record, Christian says they can also be played with the fingers.

Scores available HERE – with also a note from the composer.

I plan to record a few of them. Here is number 7. Technically it could be argued to be the easiest of the set, but it’s affords a great opportunity to develop tone production and vibrato on single notes at a slowish speed.


The following video is of four studies: 4, 7 (again), 1 and 3 (not 2, as I wrote on the title frame of the video!).


Number 5 – fast. Well, I do it at about 170bpm, but the score asks for 200bpm. Great fun to play, though it does wind up the tension a bit 🙂