Earliest Non-Gibson Archtop Guitars

Regarding the history of the archtop guitar, I was loosely aware that Orville Gibson created the arch, and Lloyd Loar (as a Gibson employee) added the f-shaped sound holes. It tuns out that was not at all the full story. And neither is the following, but hopefully it will give you pause for thought. One… Continue reading Earliest Non-Gibson Archtop Guitars

Stahl’s Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar

Wm. C. Stahl's Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar [1931] Stahl 1931 Plectrum GuitarĀ - pdf of the whole book. Although the publisher's name appears on the front, the entire contents are by one Tony Nivello, which I suspect is a pseudonym. The contents - fourteen solos - are tuneful, pop pieces from 1930/31, which often sound… Continue reading Stahl’s Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar