Stahl’s Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar

Wm. C. Stahl's Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar [1931] Stahl 1931 Plectrum GuitarĀ - pdf of the whole book. Although the publisher's name appears on the front, the entire contents are by one Tony Nivello, which I suspect is a pseudonym. The contents - fourteen solos - are tuneful, pop pieces from 1930/31, which often sound… Continue reading Stahl’s Popular Selections for Plectrum Guitar

McNeil’s Modern Guitar Method (1930)

Charles McNeil wrote a few excellent books for banjo and guitar, and lived at a time when the former was giving way to the latter in popularity. His Modern Method is subtitled, "A Plectrum Method for the Regular Spanish Six-String Guitar", and although published when Swing style was gathering momentum, it is largely backward looking,… Continue reading McNeil’s Modern Guitar Method (1930)