Roy Smeck – Wizard Of The Strings Roy Smeck (1900-94) was one of the great vaudeville artists, a master of many instruments, especially ukulele, banjo and both standard and Hawaiian-steel guitar. I was given the following hard-to-find 1928 publication, "Blues For Plectrum Guitar", by someone who studied with Roy. It contains four items, and I present the first two, which I… Continue reading Roy Smeck – Wizard Of The Strings

Louis Gallo – Tribute to Eddie Lang

I purchased the score for Louis Gallo's beautiful tribute to Eddie Lang on eBay, in a collection of "various guitar scores". Most of the pile I got was utter rubbish, but this gem was included, so my money wasn't wasted! I recorded it this morning (Sunday, 11 March, 2018) and after uploading it did a… Continue reading Louis Gallo – Tribute to Eddie Lang