Welcome to ArchtopGuitar.net, created by Rob MacKillop.

I have a love of the acoustic archtop guitar, sometimes also the electric variety, and see the instrument as not just a vehicle for early jazz (though it does that superbly well) but also classical music, and all stops in between jazz and classical – indeed, these days they can sometimes be not so far apart.

I play mainly acoustic archtop, with bronze strings, played with a plectrum, though sometimes I resort to fingerstyle or a hybrid of both.

This site aims to encourage the use of the acoustic archtop to play composed music, by the likes of Harry Volpe and William Bay – as well as classic arrangements of jazz standards by Barry Galbraith and others. There is advice on instruments, strings, pickups, etc, and also guidance on how to learn the music featured. Skype lessons are also available.

Please do contribute to the site by asking me what you would like to see featured here. There is a Contact form, should you wish to reach me.

Rob MacKillop
March, 2017