Louis Gallo – Tribute to Eddie Lang

I purchased the score for Louis Gallo‘s beautiful tribute to Eddie Lang on eBay, in a collection of “various guitar scores”. Most of the pile I got was utter rubbish, but this gem was included, so my money wasn’t wasted!

I recorded it this morning (Sunday, 11 March, 2018) and after uploading it did a Google search on Gallo, of whom I knew nothing. Well, it tuns out that his son, Ray Gallo, is also a fine guitarist, and keeps the flame of his father alive. I suggest you visit his website – where you can purchase the score for a very modest price, and read a biography of Louis.

To my surprise, Ray Gallo includes a video sound file of his father’s performance of this exact same piece – so you can compare my interpretation to that of the Master! I make a couple of small mistakes, as I often do when the red light of the video camera is shining. Louis Gallo’s performance sounds like a live radio broadcast with an audience. He seems to be playing his Maccaferri guitar, but I wish the recording quality had been better. That said, I love to hear the little changes he makes to the written score, he was evidently a very fine guitar player. I wish I’d heard it before making my video.

Here’s Louis Gallo playing the same composition, In A Languid Mood (I hope you see the pun in the title…)

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