McNeil’s Modern Guitar Method (1930)

Charles McNeil wrote a few excellent books for banjo and guitar, and lived at a time when the former was giving way to the latter in popularity. His Modern Method is subtitled, "A Plectrum Method for the Regular Spanish Six-String Guitar", and although published when Swing style was gathering momentum, it is largely backward looking,… Continue reading McNeil’s Modern Guitar Method (1930)

Frans Elferink’s Excalibur

I wanted to commission a new all-acoustic, non-cutaway, archtop guitar from a European luthier, and after much deliberation chose luthier Frans Elferink [WEBSITE] of Holland to make it for me. I say after much deliberation, as there are a few world-class archtop luthiers in Europe, equal to the best of the American school. The reason… Continue reading Frans Elferink’s Excalibur

John Cage? Anton Webern? Acoustic Archtop Guitar?

Here's an attempt to play music not usually, or at all, associated with the archtop guitar. The composer is Reginald Smith Brindle (1917-2003), who not only wrote some beautiful, if challenging music, but also wrote some of the finest books on 20th-century classical composition. Here Brindle borrows a tone row of the serialist composer, Anton… Continue reading John Cage? Anton Webern? Acoustic Archtop Guitar?