First blog post – a Welcome

Hi folks, and Welcome to my archtop guitar blog and website. I’ve populated it initially with items that used to be on my website, but have plans to do a lot more than can be accommodated on that site.

Some of the older videos are saturated in reverb – sorry about that! I think I’ve improved my sound recording since then. I’ve also decided to explore more the acoustic archtop with bronze strings, and less the amplified electric archtop with set-in humbuckers. With the acoustic setup, I feel more in control of tone and dynamics. I intend to re-record some of my older videos.

I also intend to include advice and some tuition, but Skype lessons are available if you want a more personal and in-depth look at this style of playing.

I find composed or re-composed arrangements more interesting than my own doodles, so the site is less about jazz improv, and more about seeing the archtop guitar as a Concert or Recital instrument, capable of holding its own alongside the classical guitar. Believe me, Barry Galbraith’s arrangement of Round Midnight is worthy of the finest concert venues.

I also feel that inexperienced players can get lost in chords, modes, substitutions, etc, and soon become frustrated, but help can be found in composed pieces which are enjoyable to listen to, and fun to play. Check out the 25 Graded Studies page.

See you around the place!

Rob MacKillop

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